Member of the APCTC

Membership Code of Ethics

~ The Industry Standard for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants ~

The APCTC is an umbrella body made up of professional coaches, trainers and consultants across a wide range of disciplines. Membership of the APCTC is an indicator of both the personal and professional integrity of the coaches therein and acts as an ethical benchmark for those seeking coaching services.

The following code highlights the principles, practices and standards that APCTC members abide by in order to deliver services that are fit for purpose. Coaches unable to subscribe to the Code of Ethics are not encouraged to join the APCTC, to maintain the integrity of the Association. The APCTC promotes best effective practice amongst the membership and offers informal learning and development opportunities for professional coaches, trainers and consultants. Members of the APCTC who subscribe to the Code of Ethics can be identified by – and are authorised to – use the APCTC Membership Logo (pictured below) on their website and other digital marketing material.

Authorised member of the association of professional coaches trainers and consultantsAPCTC-seal

1) Competency
APCTC members

– Ensure that their level of knowledge and experience meet the needs of their clients

– Commit themselves to regular and relevant training and development in their particular field

– Will aim to participate in at least 30 days of training to enhance continuing professional and career development

– Are conscious of the power inherent in their position and their influence on clients

– Are conscious of their personal limitations and competencies

– Comply with UK law and if coaching outside the UK will comply with the laws of the clients’ country

– Will complete the APCTC online directory with accurate information on coaching qualifications, experience, certification and any awards gained in the industry

2) Confidentiality
APCTC members

– Regard all information concerning their client(s) as confidential

– Understand that ‘confidential’ means not revealing client information to any other persons or by any public means, except where a coach believes a client may be in danger to themselves or others. In such cases the coach will inform the client that they may need to break confidentiality.

3) Boundaries
APCTC members

– Clarify with their clients before sessions commence, the number, duration, expectations and fees

– Seek client agreement before conferring with other professionals

– Seek to create an atmosphere in which the client and coach are focused

– Are aware of potential conflicts of interest that may arise from any coach/client relationship and are able to deal with them quickly and effectively

– Are responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between themselves and their client

4) Professionalism
APCTC members

– Will not exploit clients in any way, including but not limited to financial, emotional, sexual or other matters not within the professional relationship

– Recognise that the client knows themselves best and can decide themselves what they do or don’t want; clients are responsible for the choices they make and are accountable for their actions

– Will respect the clients’ right to terminate any session at any point

Respect the APCTC code of Ethics and maintain the reputation and integrity of the coaching profession

Will not engage in illegal or unethical practice or bring the APCTC or coaching profession into disrepute

5) Relationship between members and the APCTC

APCTC members

– Understand that they are accountable to their clients, their peers and the APCTC and obligated as a member of the APCTC to comply with the Code of Ethics.

Any breach of the above, will be investigated and can lead to immediate cancellation of membership.