So Why Me?

A great question! Why come and listen to me drone on for hours about the fastest changing subject out there? Well I have been involved in various fields in various countries, I've sold Butcher's Machinery, Imported and Distributed Fruit and Veg, sold Screed, sold Kitchens (High pressure), started South Africa's first Dark Store, sold Suits, brought two full years up to MCITP certification, owned a courier company, worked with Criminal Intelligence, manufactured Windows, designed Fuel Tanks, built Trailers, sold Hardware, oh and been a Mechanic, all of this across 4 continents, over 20 years.

Most of the questions that I am asked, I am able to answer from my own experience. I have marketed B2B, B2C, print media, banners, you name it. I currently head up the marketing division of Norsk Global, a group of 9 companies based at Heathrow in the UK.